Excellent Reasons to Stay Hydrated
Excellent Reasons to Stay Hydrated

Excellent Reasons to Stay Hydrated

Excellent Reasons to Stay Hydrated

Water is an essential part of life. Without it, we would suffer greatly from dehydration that can lead to serious consequences. People who don’t get enough water are often the ones who suffer from fatigue, brain fog and irritability – and are also prone to sickness.

If you feel as though you don’t get enough water or feel that it is not beneficial to you, here are some of the reasons why you should be drinking more water every day.

Our Body Needs it to Function

The human body is made up of around 70% water, while our brains can range from between 75-90%. If you ever feel that you are tired or lacking in concentration while you are working, it is most likely as a result from not drinking enough water. Next time you are feeling tired or are losing the ability to focus on a task, drink a glass of water and you will notice a big difference in your energy levels and concentration.

Keeps Our Skin Firm

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston says that her radiant, glowing skin is a result of drinking at least a gallon (about 4 litres) of water every day. Our skin is like a sponge; when it is dry, it becomes wrinkled and rigid which leads to flakiness. When we drink enough water, our skin is hydrated and is more flexible and firm.

Improves Your Overall Mood

Have you ever noticed that people who are constantly keeping themselves hydrated with water are always happier than those who don’t? They have much more energy and give off positive vibes to those around them.

As our brain tissue is predominantly made up of water, we need to keep them hydrated so that we can remain focused. A slight drop in drinking water can cause our brains to lose focus by about 1-2%, which may not sound like a lot in general, but if you start to notice your concentration levels dropping, it is a sign that you need water immediately.

Keeps Your Insides Healthy

Water consumption has been linked to weight and keeping regular. When you drink water before a meal, it fills us up and we are less likely to eat as much. If you are on a diet, drinking water will help you fill fuller and as it has no calories, you don’t need to worry about counting it as part of your daily meal plan.

Additionally, water consumption helps our bowels maintain health as it prevents them from clogging up (which can lead to constipation) by flushing out all the nasty toxins floating around inside us.

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