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Refresh 5-litre bottled water is sold at almost all Woolworth’s Supermarkets in Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and Western Australia.

Refresh 12-litre comes in non-returnable PET bottles. This is compatible with any water cooler or dispenser. Sold by Complete Office SuppliesOffice National, Office Brands and Office Choice outlets.

The Bottled Water Supplier That Cares

At Refresh we believe that water is essential for life. That’s why we go to great lengths to ensure that our premium drinking water is the purest and most refreshing water available. Our pure water undergoes a comprehensive purification process that uses the same natural processes nature uses: evaporation and condensation. Our commitment to quality means that you can trust our pure water to be safe and healthy for you and your family. So drink up and enjoy the benefits of premium drinking water from Refresh.

Most water contains dissolved solids in various forms. Most commonly in the form of organic salts. These salts cannot be easily absorbed by the body and end up hindering cellular function.

Refresh Pure Water is quite unlike other waters. The clean crisp taste of Refresh is something everyone will remember. Once you’ve tried it we guaranteed you won’t want to drink any other water.

To want the finest water for your health is only natural. Which is why Refresh purifies water the very same way that nature purifies life sustaining water – by evaporation and condensation. 

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Spring Water Delivery Made Easy

Getting access to clean, pure water has never been easier. Refresh Pure Water offers a wide range of high-quality water options that can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door. Whether you're looking for spring water, sparkling water, or filtered water, Refresh has you covered.And with convenient online ordering,You can have your water delivered whenever and wherever you need it. Whether you're at home or at work, Refresh makes it easy to stay hydrated and healthy.

Bottled Water Delivery Saves You Hassle

Anyone who has ever lugged a case of water bottles home from the supermarket knows that it can be a real pain. Not only is it heavy, but it's also bulky and awkward to carry. And if you have to make more than one trip, it can really start to wear on you. Refresh bottled water delivery brings the water right to your door, so you don't have to worry about lugging it home. 

Cost-effective and Affordable

Spring Water delivery is actually a very affordable and cost-effective way to get your daily dose of hydration. When you compare the price of water delivery to the price of other beverage delivery services, you'll see that water is actually a bargain. And when you consider the fact that water is essential for life, it's really a no-brainer to purchase outright. Products bearing the Refresh name mean that you're getting a product that is pure, clean, and healthy. And best of all, as an Australian-owned and operated spring water supplier, a supplier with multiple locations across Australia, we’re cost-effective and affordable. 

The Spring Water Supplier For Those Who Lead Busy Lives

Our spring water delivery is the perfect solution for people who lead busy lives. When you’re constantly overwhelmed it’s easy to fall into bad habits or forget to take care of yourself. Having pure, clean, fresh water readily available makes it that much easier to stay hydrated and healthy.

That's because it eliminates the need to constantly run to the store for bottled water. Instead, you can have fresh, delicious pure water delivered right to your door. And best of all, our water coolers are affordable and easy to set up.

Cut Down Your Impact

The convenience of buying bottled water has led to a dramatic increase in pollution.SpringWater delivery is a more environmentally friendly alternative to buying bottled water. By signing up for aspring water delivery service, you can reduce your environmental impact and help make the world a little bit cleaner. Plus, you'll always have access to fresh, cold water - perfect for quenching your thirst on a hot day.